Catherine Bremner

A very special thanks to Catherine for getting our website up and running in 2015. We love her country animal portraits. She has organised an art fair in 2015 and we hope that this will become a regular event.

Rebecca Douglass Whatley

Plenty of her art is scattered around the White Horse. Her works often revolve around nature themes such as woodland and wildlife. She is also a supporter of the local fen which is located right behind the pub and offers beautiful walks.

Frances Beasley

Another artist whose work you might have admired around the pub. Frances was also involved in the arts exhibition in 2015.

Darcy Gladwin

A photographer and film maker from New Zealand who deserves special thanks for taking some of the pictures around the site. His link to this area is through his wife who is a Suffolk born Australian artist. 

Melanie Schmidt

A local business consultant that assists the White Horse with the latest web design and their social media presence. Having moved up from London in 2015, she is still getting familiar with the Suffolk country side.